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Freedom and relaxation are the key words of home massage

Take a moment for yourself, at home.

The frantic pace of our city life generates stress and tension, thereby limiting our range of leisure and relaxation. No wonder home massage is attracting more and more people who let themselves be enchanted by a relaxation and well-being massage in the cozy setting of their home. No need to go out, you wait comfortably at home for your appointment and thus begin the process of relaxation.

The massage at home is therefore a real tailor-made service for the person being massaged.   In addition to being beneficial, it has many advantages.

No need to leave the comfort of your home, you control the environment, an important condition to offer you deep relaxation. You control the sensory and olfactory atmosphere by diffusing your favorite essential oil, you choose to listen to your music, you can place your favorite towels on the massage table.

The other significant advantage of home massage is that it saves you transport, no more parking problems, no more stress  to be on time, you are more relaxed to receive the massage. No race against time to get the children back.

Your session is over, you have plenty of time to rest at home, and do whatever you want to prolong the benefits.

All the necessary equipment is brought to your home at the time you want – massage table, oils, clean linen.

You just need to make sure you have a sufficiently heated room for the massage, especially in winter. Think 22-23°C if possible. A massage table measures 2m by 70cm, check that the space is free of clutter to be able to move freely around .

Benefits :

  • You can use your oil, your music, your home fragrance.

  • Relaxation in your environment, more family-friendly, in winter by the fireplace, in summer outside by the pool, on the terrace, in the garden, or in a dedicated room.

  • No time constraints, no waiting.

  • Save time, no travel, no parking, you can continue the relaxation at home.

  • You have children, no need to pay a nanny, baby can take a nap.

  • You are pregnant or a person with reduced mobility, no way to get around, the massage comes to you.

  • Possibility of being massaged as a couple, one after the other, reduces travel costs.

  • Range of massage as wide as in spa or institute.

  • immediately available at the end of your session, you can continue your activities.

  • At home, at your place of work, in your hotel room.

  • Wide time slot.

For a massage at home, I come to your home for a massage at home, at your hotel, or a massage at the office in the company. You only have a choose your treatment and contact us, we all take care of the rest.

Place of intervention for a massage at home in Chardonne, Vevey, Montreux, Blonay, La Tour de Peilz. (these towns in the region) Massage at home throughout the Vaud Riviera, Lavaux, and the surrounding area. “If you don't come to the massage, the massage comes to you. »

*Leave us a message, and we will contact you personally to confirm your reservation and agree on the date of your choice.


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